A work on symbols, languages, portals and keys, and on how to sublimate the everyday and bring transcendence closer.

It raises the particular vision of the line that divides the daily, close and conscious reality (spatial, temporal, sensorial, palpable) in front of the unknown or the ancestral. A disruptive vision of the space-time concept, where energy and connections are an indivisible part of the creative narrative. Like two sides of the same coin, or two parallel dimensions, the world of the material, popular, palpable, versus the magical, cosmic and ancestral, making us reflect on the connection between the two and how to cross the intermediate space through master keys and energy bridges.

11 pieces in which the concept revolves around connections, the connecting bridge between what we consciously and unconsciously perceive.

On the one hand, there are 7 «Keys», sculptures made of epoxy resin, each one in a color: white, yellow, light blue, red, blue, green and black.

Material: epoxy resin, EPS and plaster. Dimensions: 73x43x12,5 cm. – LxWxH. Unique pieces.

3 reliefs under the name of «Portal OP», «Portal QA» and «Portal ZX».

Material: wood, EPS, acrilic resin epoxy resin and enamel spray. Dimensions: 150x90x10 cm. – LxWxH. Unique pieces.

Finally a totem over three meters high, made of epoxy resin and aluminum foil that is the «Vortex», presented in a synchronized installation of LED spotlights.

Material: epoxy resin, EPS and plaster. Dimensions: 313x84x84 cm. – LxWxH. Unique piece.

6 DE MAYO - 16 DE JUNIO. 2021

The three sets of pieces are connected and dialogue with each other on the border between the perceptible, material and mundane and the spiritual world, of ideas and emotions, through which everything is connected on a diminutive and cosmological level for the artists.

The work on these pieces is the sum of their representative and symbolic nature, of connections between our dimension and other dimensions, between our energy and that which surrounds us, conscious and unconscious, real and imaginary, rational and irrational.

It is a work on the absence of concrete space / time that results in a mixture of all the different creative universes of Las Ánimas, of dreams, past, present and future. The pieces are proposed as a link between the here and now and the hereafter, a transit area and its various connection points.

DESIGN, EXECUTION AND COPYRIGHT: Trinidad Salamanca & Pablo Párraga.

IMAGES: Carmela Alonso.



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