A territory where limits are blurred and reality is mixed with reverie; a frontier where space-time is diluted and past, present and future are mixed as a reality that resembles the similar and that forms part of our imaginary without having been seen before… It is in this liminal zone where once again the pieces of this collection “INTERZONA” created by Las Ánimas are located.
Works that speak of parallel worlds, of shamanic futurism and that oscillate between popular culture and a ritual world, on a thin line between the rational and the dreamlike. Objects that seek to trigger subconscious and collective memory with a totemic and ceremonial character.

An aesthetic universe full of sumptuousness, textures, volumes, colours, mysticism and concentric forms that seek to expand consciousness and make the mind wander on an inner journey without beginning or end.


Territorio 2.3.74

Black: Wood and recycled paper pulp. 

White: Wood and stucco. 

70x35x9 cm.

 In these pieces, to give volume and texture to the wood, we have applied successive layers of recycled paper pulp or stucco – calcium sulphate and rabbit glue, 12 in particular.  A process that involves a lot of rhythm and concentration so that the material covers and expands its mass. When we work like this in the studio, minutes and often hours pass in a state of absolute focus, silence, meditation, thought and reflection. The technique and the very form of the piece make it a very hypnotic process, part of that soul is acquired by the piece itself, which takes on a solemn and emphatic appearance, as if it were part of a dream or a magical act. 

Sirio 1 & Sirio 2

 Acrylic spray on board. 95×135 cm.

 Coloured lines that enter and exit and form words and drawings, in a visual language of images that enter and exit concentrically. These repetitions and reiterations of form make a lot of sense to us in our work. On the one hand, there is the contrast between black and white as boundary zones, on the other hand, the creation of a message through symbols that as communicators induce a psychedelic spiral that ultimately has no other intention than to make you wander through the very worlds and universes of your mind. Close images that come and go like flocks of colour and energy.

Ecco 1 & Ecco 2

Woven wool. 140X84cm

 Worked on the concept of border and transit zones. On what we see and what we cannot see. A subtle line that is sometimes perceived through that thing called intuition and that brings us closer to a connection between the lived and the memories.  The imaginary of our pieces enters this liminal zone and explores textures, through textiles in this case, or materials such as paper pulp and stucco in others. The mind enters an altered state of consciousness and wanders through landscapes that are lost between the tribal and the cybernetic.

Invo mask

Acrylic wool. 53×53 cm.

Working with the mystification of nature, through the forms of imaginary totemic gods we have constructed a series of 7 masks, as connectors to higher states of consciousness, to other ways of looking at the world. Their concentric lines through repetition and colour emulate the ritual masks so closely linked to our own origins as a species.

In a hypnotic way, creating concentric silhouettes that grow into figures, the wool gives a new dimension to these pieces – ceremonial totems, triggers of a subconscious and collective memory, in a constant search for the sacred, the ritual. 



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