LAS ÁNIMAS are Trini Salamanca and Pablo Párraga, a creative duo founded and established in Seville, Spain. Their work has a strong symbolic, mystical, tribal and esoteric component, and moves on the frontiers between art and design.

Using a language of minimalist, geometric and iterative patterns, they experiment with the materials, their forms and textures, to create an iconography of retrofuturist, transgressor, brutalist and deeply evocative aesthetics.

The couple’s visual and emotional universe includes references as distant as science fiction, anthropology, the distortion of reality, cybernetics, duality, experimental electronic music, or architectural brutality; an imaginary that joins the elements of their social environment, recoding and projecting them from an atypical and personal insight.

Their corpus includes limited edition pieces of furniture, sculptures, interventions and unique objects. Sacred objects, created by themselves in their own studio, that challenge functionality and form; a symbolic Aesthetics dimension full of emotions that lead to a spiritual atmosphere lost in time.

Interventions & Installations

2024 “Objetos y artefactos” – Exhibition of THL Space. Madrid Design Festival.

2024 Zona Maco. Marion Friedmann Gallery in ZONA MACO, Contemporary Art and Design International Fair. México DF.

2023 – “Maestros del Futuro” – Exposición en el Castillo de San Jorge, Sevilla. Fundación Michelangelo. Comisario: Jean Blancheart, Irina Eschenazi y Ramón Vergara. Obra: escultura “Templum Veritatis Occultae”. More info: 1, 2 y 3.

2023 – “Sevilla, sombra iluminada” – Exposición en Madrid Design Festival, Madrid. Comisaria: Macarena Navarro. Obra: intervención “Cathedra veritatis” y escultura iluminada “Ibérica”. More info: 1, 2 y 3.

2022 – “Meridiano” – Exposición colectiva en John Holland Gallery, Lepe (Huelva). Comisario: Sema D’Acosta.

2022 – Fundación Natura – 2 relieves en exposición colectiva en Barbate (Cádiz). Comisario: DGM Gallery.

2022 – “Interzona” – Presentación de obra nueva en Durán Monkey Gallery (Madrid). Exposición colectiva. Obra pictórica, relieves y tapices: “Territorio 3.4.74” – 6 relieves realizados en madera, pulpa de papel y sulfato. “INVO” – 7 tapices “máscaras”, en lana acrílica y madera. “ECCO” – 2 tapices “escritura”. “SIRIO” – 2 obra pictórica realizada en spray acrílico y madera.

2022 – “Metazoon” – Hotel Editions, Madrid. Comisariada por Gärna Art Gallery. Obra: escultura en madera maciza.

2021 – “Game over”- pieza única. Microbuk. Comisario Rubén Barroso.

2021 – “Hacia el horizonte de sucesos”. Collective exhibition. Gärna Gallery Art. Madrid. Obra: 7 esculturas, 3 relieves y 1 totem. More info.

2019 – Lexus Art Car “Gyorin Kozane”. European Design Awards (First Prize).

2019 – “Altar”. Cruzcampo Foundation. Ephemeral installation.

2019 – “Ejemplares Únicos” – Collective exhibition. Seville.

2018 – “Latas” – Intervention, exhibition and charity auction. Lugadero (Architecture Studio).

2017 – Movie “Quién te cantará” – Furniture – 1 Goya and Official Section of the Festival de Cine de San Sebastian

2015 – “La Ciudad Deshabitada”. Collective exhibition. Curated by The Red Gallery.

2015 – “MAASAI”. Collective exhibition. Lab Sevilla.

2015 – 2016 Central Design Market. Madrid.Irina 


2019 Winner 1st European Lexus Art Car Prize (International)..

2019 Finalist of AD Magazine – Architectural Digest (Spain).

2019 Young designers finalist. Architektur & Wohnen (Germany).

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