The totemic, dark and cryptic shapes created by Spanish creative studio Las Ánimas make the mind wander in secret temples, post-apocalyptic landscapes and ruins from ancient civilizations, extinguished long time ago. Massive silhouettes of apparent roughness and murky simplicity contrast with finely handcrafted surfaces and textures.

It poses a disruptive vision of the space-time concept, as a reflection between the ancestral and the cosmic, making us reflect on the connection between the two and how to cross the intermediate space. Graphics or drawings belonging to an imagined culture between the past and the future.
A travel route.
An Atlas.


70 X 50 CM.

Two sculptural pieces made of epoxy resin commisioned by creative festival OFFF SEVILLA (2021)

A work on symbols, languages, portals and keys, and on how to sublimate the everyday and bring transcendence closer.

11 pieces in which the concept revolves around connections, the connecting bridge between what we consciously and unconsciously perceive.

On the one hand, there are 7 «Keys», sculptures made of epoxy resin, each one in a color: white, yellow, light blue, red, blue, green and black.

3 reliefs under the name of «Portal OP», «Portal QA» and «Portal ZX».

Finally a totem over three meters high, made of epoxy resin and aluminum foil that is the «Vortex», presented in a synchronized installation of LED spotlights.


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