Unique sculptural pieceS made of resin and fiberglass

A functional and evocative piece of art, with a strong emotional charge.

Between shamanic power and object reality, between use and aesthetics.

Light. Darkness. From the darkness flames spring forth as the first rays of the day come to the shadows of the night, and knowledge to ignorance.

Starting from the imaginary of tapers, candles and wax, omnipresent elements in the processions and liturgy of Holy Week in Seville, we develop theses unique sculptural pieces, of decadent and monumental beauty.

MATERIAL: epoxy resin and fiberglass.
DIMENSIONS: 600 x 420 x 420 mm (LxWxH).
LIMITED EDITIONS: unique piece.
The pieces will be reproduced in shape 8 times being absolutely impossible to determinate that the mixture of colors or the deconstruction of the piece itseft is the same. Each reproduction will be considered a unique piece in itself. 1 AP + 8 UNITS.
DESIGN, EXECUTION AND COPYRIGHT: Trinidad Salamanca & Pablo Párraga.
IMAGES: Miguel Jiménez.


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